David Swain's Visual Arts Gallery

There is not much time these days to work on these projects, but photography and videography are the most portable of my hobbies so I can still occasionally find time to pursue them!

My greatest fascination is creating panoramas by stitching together multiple overlapping images into one gigantic, sweeping scene. These are usually landscapes, but I occasionally find other subjects for this format as well.

There isn't much time for developing a sophisticated web site for displaying these images either! So I have put together a series of pages where each page contains "thumbnail" images of related subject matter. Usually this relationship is geographical - often because the series of panoramas were taken on the same trip. I have scaled the thumbnail images to a uniform width of 800 pixels for display on the site, but the full images are significantly larger. Each page of images will pop up over this page (since I am too lazy for now to put in "return" links on each page or a frame set to hold that page), so all you have to do is close one page and click on another link on this one.

Most shots were taken using a Canon Rebel XT digital SLR camera - and all were handheld (no tripod). A polarizing filter was used in many shots to enhance the blue of the sky and to reduce reflections from windows, etc. Composite images were built using Stitcher 5.1 or Stitcher 5.6 Unlimited from RealVIZ Software. Some additional retouching was done on a few of these images to adjust exposure or remove blemishes from problems like water spots on the lens, etc.


Lisbon SAM (Semi-Annual Meeting of MySQL Trainers)
St. Kitts SAM (Semi-Annual Meeting of MySQL Trainers)
Edinburgh SAM (Semi-Annual Meeting of MySQL Trainers)
New Hampshire at Home
Around New Hampshire
San Francisco Area Views
Salt Lake City Area Views
Minneapolis Area Views
Santa Barbara Area Views
London Area Views
Netherlands Views (EurOmnis Conference 2009)
Sydney Area Views
Great Ocean Road Views
New Zealand Views
New York City Views
Washington, DC Views
Dallas, TX Views
Houston, TX Views
Wine Country Views